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We increase your battery value with our AI-powered battery performance prediction

Nowadays, a lot of people think of switching to battery technology. People are more concerned about the environment as well as cost. The use of AI in battery technology has proven to be one of the solutions to reduce cost and environmental damage and our EDI hive IoT Framework has been used by different kinds of customers in the area of battery testing, development and monitoring. We predict, test and monitor the performance of batteries before it started to slip and how it would perform in the future.

We also develop the battery for our customer’s electric vehicles. Predicting battery accurately is important for electric vehicles since it’s crucial to ensure that it operates safely over time. With our accurate prediction, we raise customer’s awareness by giving a notification through our EDI hive IoT Framework regarding their battery lifespan. With this, our customers can optimise and maintain their battery system while we keep our customers safe and sound.

Pressebox (30.10.2020):