Benefit from Latest AI Technology in Your Area of Business Today

Benefit from latest AI technology in your area of business today

  • Connect Your Systems

    Connect Your Systems

    EDI hive supports standard formats and data streaming by integration of StreamPipes from FZI (HTTP, MQTT, OPC UA etc.) to easily exchange data with different systems.

  • Predict Your Key Parameters

    Predict Your Key Parameters

    EDI hive generates powerful hybrid models based on your data in combination with formalised expert knowledge for effectively predicting your key parameters.

  • Quantify Your Expert Knowledge

    Quantify Your Expert Knowledge

    Patented technology to semantically capture, objectify and use your experts' knowledge in combination with data driven AI approaches.

EDI hive Applications

EDI hive Applications

  • Raw Data

    Raw Data

    Upload existing data or connect your databases to visualise, analyse and share your raw data.

  • Key Property Detector

    Key Property Detector

    Automatically detect the relevant properties inside a raw data set.

  • Refined Data

    Refined Data

    Aggregate your raw data to meaningful key performance indicators used for generating powerful prediction models.

  • Prediction Models

    Prediction Models

    Generate powerful predictions for the key parameters of your business or the relevant parameters of your machines.

  • Semantic Dictionary

    Semantic Dictionary

    Define the foundation of your business logic and ensure your terms are used and understood in the entire organisation.

  • Cause & Effect Chain Editor

    Cause & Effect Chain Editor

    Formalise your expert knowledge to pre-calibrate AI algorithms and share the experts' knowledge in a controlled manner. 

  • Effect Detector

    Effect Detector

    Automatically detect and visualise unknown cause & effect relations in data.

  • Semantic Data Broker

    Semantic Data Broker

    Stream meaningful data form and to various sources using IoT standard formats (HTTP, MQTT, OPC UA etc.)

  • User Manager

    User Manager

    Control who has access to your company's knowledge and build your own digital community. 

  • Roles & Permissions

    Roles & Permissions

    Define roles and set permissions - if required - on a single object level to control the flow of information and the sharing of knowledge.

  • File Manager

    File Manager

    Attach your files, images or documents to the semantically linked objects for efficient information sharing.

  • Parameter Prediction

    Parameter Prediction

    Enable your staff and customers to predict process or machine parameters and control the shared knowledge.

  • Themes


    Upload your logo, icons and define your colour set to ensure your look and feel of your applications.

  • Workspace Editor

    Workspace Editor

    Arrange your applications and digital services for your staff and customers and allow users to customise their personal workspace. 

  • Similarity Detector

    Similarity Detector

    Find relevant objects and information without searching. Our similarity detector boosts your productivity by making daily work more efficient.

  • Semantic Network

    Semantic Network

    Be informed about the status of your most relevant objects in their relevant context and navigate the objects along with their meaningful semantic connections.

Solution-oriented Suites for Your Priority Challenges

Solution-oriented Suites for Your Priority Challenges