Decision Making Suite

Scale and capitalise on your expert knowledge and existing data Your business is based on the expert knowledge of highly experienced specialists and you know how vital this knowledge is to the success of your business. Your customers value your sophisticated products and intelligent services and benefit from your deep process knowledge and precise measurements of relevant process parameters. Securing and providing easy access to expert knowledge throughout your organisation is one of your top priorities. However, a bottleneck in your organisation is the limited availability of your experts. Moreover, the inability to share sensitive data and information efficiently with your customers in a secure and controlled way slows down the success of your business. Boost your business and do not miss out on growth opportunities by making your expert knowledge easily accessible throughout your organisation and let your customers benefit from your expert knowledge in a secure and controlled way using the AI-based EDI hive Decision Making Suite. Decision Making Suite Core Applications

Decision Making Suite Core Applications

  • Parameter Prediction

    Parameter Prediction

    Enable your staff and customers to predict process or machine parameters and control the shared knowledge.

  • Prediction Models

    Prediction Models

    Generate powerful predictions for the key parameters of your business or the relevant parameters of your machines.

  • Refined Data

    Refined Data

    Aggregate your raw data to meaningful key performance indicators used for generating powerful prediction models.

Reference Projects

Safe, comfortable and driver-accepted automated driving based on the prediction of possible road...

  • Maintenance of Chemical Plants

    Maintenance of Chemical Plants

    Improving the work efficiency of service technicians.

  • Intelligent Forest Management and Workload Planning for Forest Rangers

    Intelligent Forest Management and Workload Planning for Forest Rangers

    Dynamic decision support in logging and planting of different species by the combination of forest...

  • Workload Prediction in Logistics

    Workload Prediction in Logistics

    Prediction of the number of brochures needed considering various factors, integration of EDI hive...

  • 08 Oct. 2020

    IoT Connectivity Suite

    Let your systems communicate with you and your customers The secure control of complex processes together with the safe and reliable operation of technologically advanced machines and plants are the foundation of your business. Your customers value the high quality of your products and services as well as the precision engineering of the systems your organisation provides. To guarantee an extremely high level of quality and reliability for your customers' operations with short reaction times, your organisation established a sophisticated service and maintenance program. Unfortunately, your service technicians spend a lot of time carrying together the information they need to resolve specific customer issues causing long downtimes for your customers. Do not wait until systems fail. Be aware of potential downtime risks at all times. The EDI hive IoT Connectivity Suite efficiently builds up automatically digital twins that inform you and your customers of their current and future status, enabling you to offer services proactively, or in case downtime is unavoidable, to minimise the loss for your customers. IoT Connectivity Suite Core Applications

    IoT Connectivity Suite Core Applications

    • Effect Detector

      Effect Detector

      Automatically detect and visualise unknown cause & effect relations in data.

    • Raw Data

      Raw Data

      Upload existing data or connect your databases to visualise, analyse and share your raw data.

    • Semantic Data Broker

      Semantic Data Broker

      Stream meaningful data form and to various sources using IoT standard formats (HTTP, MQTT, OPC UA etc.)

    • Semantic Network

      Semantic Network

      Be informed about the status of your most relevant objects in their relevant context and navigate the objects along with their meaningful semantic connections.

    Reference Projects

    Digital representation of the batteries, the so-called EnergyTubes, facilitating their optimal...

  • Well-being Barometer for the Elderly

    Well-being Barometer for the Elderly

    Secure and private well-being prediction for the elderly, informing caretakers and selected...

  • 08 Oct. 2020