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  • We automate your processes
  • We design efficient and effective tests
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Empower human creativity

Data is the essential production factor for innovative product developments. The advancements in information technology enabled organisations to accumulate ever bigger amounts of this once scarce production factor. The efficient handling of the resulting flood of data and the effective transformation of incoherent data into usable knowledge represents one of the key challenges of 21st century product development. Our mission is empowering you to meet this challenge by avoiding cost-intensive surprises and taking the short way to a systematical, highly automated knowledge-based innovation and development.

Technical consulting & individual software solutions

Overcome barriers of communication


  • Development of networking opportunities: Research to Business
  • Organisation and Moderation of expert workshops
  • Creation of a common terminology across disciplines


Using a unique interdisciplinary, functional focus on systems, combined with a model based systems engineering approach and a human-centred mind set, we facilitate a common understanding of complex, interrelated issues by overcoming communication barriers.

Decide based on facts - don't guess!


  • Practical application of Design of Experiments (DoE) principles
  • Development of customer-relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Conclusive visualisation of decision-relevant information


Our team supports you to objectify and visualise the subjective decision criteria - the gut feeling - of your experts and veteran staff. As a result, the efficiency of your development processes will increase and your work products can be automatically documented in a sustainable and comprehensible way.

Increase efficiency by process automation


  • Use-case driven software solutions with interfaces to existing systems
  • Tailor-made data analysis and evaluation applications
  • Work flow based automated documentation and reporting


Your engineers’ time is used best if they concentrate on solving problems. We analyse your work flows and sys­tematically transform manual act­ivities into highly automated and centrally manageable pro­cesses, en­abling your knowledge carriers to create more value for your organisation.

Preserve and reuse your knowledge


  • Integration of different data sources to a central point of information
  • Evaluation and visualisation of complex interrelations
  • Development of self-learning prediction models


Our Team will support you in building up your organisation's knowledge base enabling high quality decisions, especially with regard to complex, interrelated issues. In doing so, you can predict consequences of decisions more accurately and avoid unforeseen surprises.


EDI hive - the Knowledge Platform

Imagine you could skip annoying activities …

... searching for the data and information you require to solve your current task.

... seeking out contact persons that can answer your specific questions.

... identifying the newest version of a document edited by multiple people.

... updating documents with the latest numbers and figures relevant for taking decisions.

...  writing standard reports using templates.

Make it real with the EDI hive engineering knowledge platform!



Adapting the EDI hive knowledge platform to your organisation's processes and technical domain, using the knowledge and information already existing, is as easy as ABC:

A: Semantic capture of your organisation’s expert knowledge using our innovative, self-learning tagging system for pre-calibrating the generic algorithms of the EDI hive.

B: Seamless connection of your organisation’s databases and data storages using modular adapters for making the relevant data and files centrally accessible.

C: Task-specific application development with intiuative user interface and functionality, especially focused on context-sensitive visualisation.


The generic and scalable EDI hive engineering knowledge platform enables flexible resource allocation and device-independent access. The EDI hive is designed to facilitate the development of tailor-made engineering applications for supporting your concrete tasks. Your organisation's knowledge network will grow automatically, due to the innovative, self-learning tagging system in the intelligence layer of the EDI hive.

The community accessing the EDI hive can grow gradually inside your organisation. Starting from a single user or a small pilot team up to a geographically distributed and cross-department or cross-company collaboration group, each phase will be supported with a suitable user rights management.

Who we are

As a major result of the Technology Transfer Project at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), EDI GmbH was founded in 2015 as a tier 0.5 / software systems integrator in close alignment with the KIT. The three Co-Founders of EDI GmbH combine specific expertise and many years of work experience in the essential specialist areas required to handle the challenges of next generation product development. They are supported by highly motivated, excellently educated talents that are recruited directly from the KIT.

The Founders



Thomas Freudenmann, Dr.-Ing. Dipl. Wi.-Ing.   Mohanad El-Haji, Dr.-Ing. Dipl. Wi.-Ing.   Heinrich Blatt, B.Sc.
Co-CEO & Co-Founder   Co-CEO & Co-Founder   CTO & Co-Founder


  • Product life cycle management
  • Product development methodology
  • Design of Experiments (DoE)


  • Knowledge management
  • Interdisciplinary communication
  • Software functionality design


  • Web application development
  • Data base design
  • Information management

History & Future

The basic idea of systematically supporting development teams during product validation by methodical experiment design and testing dates back to early 2008. Starting their work as research associates at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dr.-Ing. Thomas Freudenmann and Dr.-Ing. Mohanad El-Haji both started their work on different research projects at the IPEK - Institute of Product Engineering and the Institute of Vehicle Systems Technology respectively. During one of the plenty after-work discussions they started to realise that - despite of differences in their specific assignments and operative work - they were dealing with the same problems on an abstract level. This lead to a coordinated exchange of ideas and finally resulted in a joint research proposal that was handed in to the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF). The research project began in January 2009. Read more ...


After more than seven years of research, project work and software development in the fields of product development in the automobile industry, information and knowledge management as well as validation methodology with both, academic and industry partners, we possess the experience and knowledge to take on the challenges of the next industrial revolution. This enables us to offer consultancy and highly customised IT solutions regarding interdisciplinary and distributed product development and processes, complex and data-intensive decision making, intelligent testing automation and other knowledge management related services, especially considering big data applications. Our vision is to provide holistic and seamless data intelligence services, integrating the existing knowledge of our customers and tapping efficiency potentials throughout the whole product life cycle. Read more … 


What we do

As a connecting link between OEMs and their suppliers as well as between academia and industry, we maintain an international network of strategic partners containing renowned universities as well as innovative companies. This unique network enables us to flexibly establish project consortia with specific capabilities depending on the particular research or development focus. In doing so, we can access a broad range of knowledge and expertise and deliver solutions with instantly positive effects on our customers. 

Our cooperation partners

    The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) pools its three core tasks of research, higher education, and innovation in a mission. With about 9,300 employees and 25,000 students, KIT is one of the big institutions of research and higher education in natural sciences and engineering in Europe.    

CTC cartech company is a flexible developer and manufacturer of individualised electronics for the automotive industry. The focal points of our development are electric drives as well as their supporting components such as loading systems, energy distributors, transducers, energy storage and wiring harnesses.

  Kookmin University (KMU), the first private university after Korea’s independence, consists of 24,000 students, 700 faculty, and 300 staff members with 13 colleges and 13 graduate schools. KMU strives to educate its students to be creative, open-minded, and principled professionals who can serve not only our nation but also the global community.     The Institute of Vehicle Engineering (IVH) is an engineering service company. IVH provides design, test and analysis which clients are able to develop in automotive and the other industries. Also, customized decision making & design process is provided.

Join our team

We are constantly looking for motivated talents to join our team. There are several ways to work with us on different projects, either in academia or industry. Check the listing below for current announcements regarding jobs and internships at EDI GmbH or at one of our partner companies as well as bachelor or master theses or jobs as student assistant at the KIT. Depending on your personal interests, skills and the current career phase, we will individually evaluate cooperation possibilities. We offer a young, innovative development team with a lot of space for own ideas and with many well-known industrial contacts also abroad.


Currently we are looking for:

  • Application developers (HTML5, JavaScript, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Python, ...)
  • User Interface Designers (creativity, good communication skills, graphics software)
  • System Engineers (understanding of mode-based development and systems engineering)
  • Data Scientists (data analytics, data evaluation, decision systems)


In case you are motivated in joining our team but none of the announcements fit to your profile or particular interests, please send us your application documents including cover letter to info@edi.engineering.

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