Armin Bähr
System Analyst & Data Scientist
»I am not afraid of heating elements.«
  • Armin lives in Karlsruhe. He is in the office 1-2 times a week, otherwise he works from home.

Why does he like working at EDI?

  • He can solve complicated problems and creatively search for the best solutions for the customers
  • The results of his work as a datascientist are visible on the EDI hive platform
  • The entire development process of a project is accompanied by him
  • He can create productive program code in Python together with others
  • EDI is an international team with nice and competent colleagues
  • He appreciates the flexibility of being able to work from different locations
  • He can develop personally and learn a lot

What are his tasks?

  • Development Owner (DO) of the Concept & Application team
  • Creates new AI models using the Model Generator in the IoT framework EDI hive
  • Creates concepts that generate added value with the client's data
  • Reviews client data for usability
  • As a member of the machine learning team, helps to decide which ML method and which neural networks are used
  • Coordinates the cooperation with the partners in the research projects
  • Communicates daily with colleagues via Slack and Discord

His path to EDI:

  • Studied mechanical engineering at KIT, Karlsruhe
  • Meets Thomas Freudenmann, managing director and co-founder of EDI GmbH, at a conference.
  • Thomas then added him as a contact on LinkedIn
  • Armin sends Thomas his portfolio and receives an offer for a full-time position