Business Intelligence with AI

Business intelligence (BI) is the use of data, technology, and analytics techniques to help companies have an overview of their business figures and make better and more informed decisions. When traditional BI is combined with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, predictive models can be created that can forecast future trends and outcomes based on past data. This provides support for making decisions to positively influence future business development and automate administrative business processes.

We turn classic BI into predictive BI
With our AI-supported BI solution, we take relevant data and information from ERP or CRM systems, such as SAP, Infor or Qlik Sense. We combine these systems with our AI and semantic web algorithms to automate administrative processes. Our predictive BI makes suggestions for the next step or for automations of your business processes. In the process, the relevant business logic, which is precisely tailored to your specific use case, is integrated in the AI-based application. The relevant next step for you is suggested by our application, which can also be displayed integrative in your ERP or CRM system. Our algorithm knows what the data means for your company's business process.

An example of the use of our AI-supported BI is the automatic recognition and analysis of elements on technical drawings. The drawings sent by the customer via email are analysed automatically.  Similar and already produced products along with additional information are reliably found. We support our customers with AI in whether the customer's request should be accepted or not. In the case of a quotation, the time required for this is significantly reduced because it is possible to fall back on already existing, similar quotations.  

Another example is the logistics project with the company Iodata, which involves forecasting the demand for EINKAUFAKTUELL brochures. The question to be solved is how many brochures are to be distributed in bundles on certain distribution days each year. With our AI-supported solution, we can make a prediction of how a particular month will behave. This makes it possible to plan the logistics process well. Part of the solution is also a visualization in the data analysis tool Qlik Sense.


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