Generation of Digital Twins

Digital twins is a wonderful tool to drive digitalisation in your organisation. They are the representation of physical objects by data in the digital world. These can be, for example, workpieces, components, tools or parts of a machine. Entire systems can also be represented as digital twins.

What are the requirements for starting with digital twins?
In most cases, just a few pieces of information in the digital world are enough to make the daily work with the real physical object more efficient, transparent and robust. It is crucial that all relevant information is constantly updated by real-time data in order to make the right decision and plan next steps.

Digital twins can be used, for example, to trace the development of a workpiece, automate and optimise processes or create the basis for decisions. Especially for the commissioning and maintenance of machines and systems, this enables quick access to the right documents and other information, such as the date of the last maintenance.

For the development of new products or production facilities digital twins can help as well by simulating production processes on digital models before the actual commissioning of a production facility. In this way, errors in production are avoided before the product exists.

We at EDI provide various solutions in the field of digital twins: from simple QR code scanning to provision and connections to external IT systems, to image recognition of specific objects for automated capture of the relevant information. As a result, digital twins are created automatically. Real-time updating is also automatic.

Do you have to start from scratch?
There is great potential in your already existing data! We can help you take the next step in the digitalisation of your company with our experience and AI tools. Completely individually tailored to you. Use our experience in the development of digital twins to stay one step ahead of your competition!


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