Mariem Mounir
Data Scientist & Software Engineer
»You have the space to be innovative.«

  • Mariem is Moroccan by birth. She currently lives in Marrakech. She works for EDI from there.

Why does she like working at EDI?

  • She appreciates the good exchange, the creativity and the trust that is placed in her
  • She forms her own small team with Mohanad El-Haji and Tobias Quentel
  • The organisation with issues in sprints gives her planning security
  • Many different projects make it possible to go new ways
  • Creativity is in demand and all solutions are possible
  • You never stop learning and there are always new challenges
  • She can develop personally

What are her tasks?

  • Mariem is part of the machine learning team at EDI
  • Her responsibilities include neural networks, deep learning and object recognition
  • Communicating with colleagues via Slack and Discord

Her path to EDI:

  • She decides to study engineering in general
  • In her final year, she chooses to specialise in "Data Science and Digitalisation“
  • Her brothers happens to live next door to EDI's office. While searching for an internship in Germany, she follows his advice to apply at EDI
  • In 2020, she completed a ten-month internship at EDI
  • She then works as a student trainee
  • After completing her studies, she has been working full time since October 2022