Circulo de Innovación of the Chilean Chamber of Commerce

Circulo de Innovación of the Chilean Chamber of Commerce

On 8 July 2022, Dr Thomas Freudenmann, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of EDI GmbH had the opportunity to speak about the development of tailor-made digital products at the Circulo de Innovación of the of the German-Chilean Chamber of Industry and Commerce. 

Using two business cases as examples, Dr Freudenmann showed how automated image recognition in combination with artificial intelligence is used for the automated analysis of technical drawings and in the recognition of the calorific value of the delivered waste in a waste incineration plant. The two areas of application are quite different, but the infrastructure used is the same. 

The decisive factor for the successful implementation of a cloud based #AI application that optimises company processes and helps to save time and costs is the integration of the knowledge of the experts in the company on site. Only the combination of the right AI algorithms with the experience and treasure of knowledge of the long-term employees allows the AI application to become a powerful tool. 

The EDI-SCRUM 2.0 process that we have enhanced and use in our daily work enables us to flexibly exchange experts between individual teams. This allows us to react quickly to new requirements and changes.A big thank you to the Chilean Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to present and for organising the event! You can find the presentation in full length on our YouTube channel.


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