EDI at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

EDI at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

An exciting and eventful new year is just around the corner. We wish our customers, readers and followers a healthy and successful 2023!

For EDI GmbH, 2023 begins full of momentum with the IOT Solutions World Congress, which takes place from 31 January to 2 February in Barcelona. For Dr Thomas Freudenmann, CEO and co-founder of EDI GmbH, it is a special honour to accept the invitation to give a presentation there together with Jakob Ilg from CyberForum e.V. The presentation will introduce the topic of transparent artificial intelligence (AI) and the cooperative learning approach of EDI GmbH, where humans and machines learn from each other hand in hand. In addition to the transparency of AI, a secure IT environment such as the EDI hive IoT framework is essential to ensure a robust and reliable operational use of the solution.

As a partner in the KARL research project, we are addressing the question of how the use of AI can improve the working world. Using two use cases, this will be presented as an example at the IOT Solutions World Congress: in the waste incineration plant of MVV in Mannheim, AI supports the classification of the delivered waste and thus the crane operator in filling the incineration plant with the correct waste so that the incineration process runs as far as possible without adding gas. The second example is the AI-supported shift planning of the company Blanc & Fischer, which ensures a fair distribution of work so that the employees are satisfied.


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