EDI expert interview in the new book "Wertakzente im Bauwesen 4.0“ by Bianca Weber-Lewerenz

EDI expert interview in the new book "Wertakzente im Bauwesen 4.0“ by Bianca Weber-Lewerenz

In her new book "Value Accents in Construction 4.0: Ethical Observations in Dealing with Digitalisation and AI", which will be published on 15 December 2022 in German, Bianca Christina Weber-Lewerenz describes the complexity of using new digital technologies and AI in construction. She shows how the possibilities of people and technology can be kept in harmony. In an expert interview in the book, EDI GmbH provides important viewpoints on these topics. According to EDI, human-centred artificial intelligence (AI) will make working life and everyday life much easier and create new corporate values. The recipe for success is to start small and then continuously expand the use of artificial intelligence and digitalisation. 

EDI GmbH sees the focus in the construction industry in AI-based quotation preparation, AI-based data evaluation and in the development of digital business models as a suitable entry point. Courage, the will to innovate and interdisciplinary cooperation are seen as the building blocks for success for new digital business models in the construction industry.

EDI specialises in the semantic networking of data, the combination of autoML (automated machine learning) with existing expert knowledge, intelligent product development, development of digital business models, AI-supported product development, automatic quotation generation and capacity planning, as well as process automation.

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