Presentation of the LionAid project at the 9th FKFS Autotest conference

Presentation of the LionAid project at the 9th FKFS Autotest conference

At the 9th AutoTest, the conference for testing hardware and software in automotive development, Christoph Seifert from the FKFS will present the successfully completed LionAid research project on 20 October, 2022.

LionAID aimed to provide an AI-based diagnostic application for lithium-ion batteries. With the application developed by EDI GmbH, workshops and test facilities will be able to determine the condition of batteries for electric vehicles via the Internet in the future, inexpensively, quickly and independently of the manufacturer. The application was developed taking into account on-site expertise and has recently been successfully tested and completed.

A special charging profile created in just 30 seconds enables the condition of the battery to be assessed. This is done while the vehicle is stationary using a normal charging station. After only 2 minutes, the status of the battery is available via the LionAID web application. The process is very simple and can therefore be easily integrated into a technical inspection by TÜV or DEKRA or the maintenance process of a workshop. 

The AutoTest is organised by the Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart (FKFS). It is a platform for vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers and service providers to formulate the requirements for testing automotive electronics and software and to discuss methods for optimising test processes. The conference, which takes place every two years, is aimed at experts and managers from industry and research. You can register for participation under the following link:


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