Project portrait EDE 4.0

Project portrait EDE 4.0

"The effects of climate change are already clearly visible in German forests today and will continue to be a factor for forest management in the future," is how KIT describes the task for the EDE 4.0 research project in a recent article.

EDE 4.0 is a joint project of the Süddeutschen Klimabüro am KIT, Instituts für Geographie und Geoökologie (IfGG) and EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence. The cloud-based system, which is based on artificial intelligence, will support foresters on site in the forest in making decisions on sustainable and future-oriented forest management. By combining the knowledge of forestry experts, the latest climate models, as well as local and global forestry data, EDE 4.0 will provide dynamic decision support for the planting and logging of different tree species.

Artificial intelligence and foresters on the ground in the forest will work hand in hand with EDE 4.0 to meet the challenges of climate change. The detailed article entitled "How the protection of forests should bear fruit using AI", can be found on the KIT website.


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