Tame your Excel monster!

Tame your Excel monster!

Excel is still a milestone in software development. Just to prepare the turnover figures of the last quarter or to impress the boss with a fancy pivot table. No problem. All those formulas and functions. The possibilities are endless. Spreadsheets, the backbone of modern business. You can't do without it.

But if colleagues suddenly start editing the same file and mess everything up, things get more difficult. This was not what you had imagined. Everything quickly becomes confusing. Important information disappears in the comments, never to be seen again. Chaos spreads. And then there are the macros from Mister Excel-Guru: nobody dares to delete even one line, because then everything will be ruined. Some files have "grown historically", and are endlessly long and almost unusable due to their sheer size. There comes a point when the file is almost impossible to open or edit. Then at the latest it becomes clear: you have created a monster!

A solution is needed, because the data has to be available. It is vital for the survival of the company. The Excel monster must be tamed as quickly as possible! This is where the Semantic Tables of EDI GmbH - Engineering Data Intelligence come into play, as a saviour in need.

The Semantic Tables look like Excel, always provide up-to-date figures and are available on different end devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. 

The operation is intuitive because you are familiar with Excel, you do not have to get used to it. Through individual user and rights management, you can precisely adjust which employee can edit which columns, rows or cells. For each individual cell there is versioning and a restore function that allows you to retrieve previous entries and data at any time. Integrated conflict management prevents problems before they arise. Automated rules and AI-based functions are integrated transparently, extensible and tested. Due to the n-dimensional structure, Semantic Tables scale in all directions

Thomas Freudenmann, Managing Director and co-founder of EDI GmbH, shows you how to defeat your monster and how to enjoy your data again. He is there to help you. Give him a call: +49 721 79 19 91 55, or email him: freudenmann@edi.gmbh. Salvation is near. 


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