Workshop To Connect: Smart Textiles & Microsystems Technology

Workshop To Connect: Smart Textiles & Microsystems Technology

Innovative applications around the topic of "smart textiles" are presented at the workshop "To Connect: Smart Textiles & Microsystems Technology", organised by the non-profit association microTEC Südwest e.V. on 20.9.22 in Denkendorf. 

The workshop will show how smart textiles can be interfaces for communication between "man and machine" and between "body and digital platform". 

Tobias Stürmlinger, Business Developer of EDI GmbH will present the "Well-Being Barometer for seniors: Smart assisted living through the intersection of different data and information flows“. The focus will be on the Well-Being Barometer, a solution for seniors who live alone or in an assisted living facility and who still manage their daily lives independently. The Well-Being Barometer detects the current well-being of the seniors. Caregivers and relatives do not have to worry, because they are informed immediately of any changes. This prevents accidents and the seniors feel safe at all times.

Through additional sensor technology, a higher accuracy can be ensured, which opens up further areas of application, e.g. in the field of work safety or in the detection of harmful substances.

The workshop will take place at the German Institutes for Textile and Fibre Research (DITF) in Körschtalstraße 26, in 73770 Denkendorf.

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